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Spontaneous Acute Urticaria

Spontaneous acute urticaria (also known as acute urticaria) involves a one-off episode that lasts a few days or weeks with the unmistakable symptoms and discomforts of urticaria (see below). The clinical picture usually develops within hours or a few days and then slowly abates again. The causes are not always clear. In many cases, however, it is possible to state precisely the circumstance that triggered the symptoms, e.g. the ingestion of pain tablets or another drug (including those that previously presented no problems). In most cases (> 90%), an acute urticaria lasts only a few weeks and can be kept well in check during that time. Treatment of acute urticaria consists primarily in the suppression of symptoms, and in general it is neither necessary or practical to conduct an intensive search for causes. The more decisive factor is recognising and treating potential complications (shortness of breath or discomfort in swallowing) and avoiding potential triggers, to the extent that they are known, in the future.